Top Issues

Protecting Our Families

Whether it’s stopping the dangerous fentanyl crisis or protecting us from sexually violent predators, Jim Desmond is committed to keeping our families safe. He supports law enforcement and will never allow the police to be defunded.

Stopping Sexually Violent Predators

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Sacramento politicians want to put sexually violent predators in our neighborhoods. Supervisor Jim Desmond is fighting back – to protect North County families.

Keeping Our Children Safe

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children in North County. Low-income children are particularly at risk because they lack access to swim lessons. That’s why Supervisor Jim Desmond provided grants for swim lesson to low-income children – to keep them safe from drowning, 

Helping the Homeless Get The Help They Need

We need real solutions to homelessness. Supervisor Jim Desmond led the establishment of the first community crisis centers in North County to address mental health and addiction. Jim Desmond increased social worker teams to get the homeless off the streets and back on their feet.

Protecting Us From Wildfires

Jim Desmond is working to protect our families and homes from wildfires. He is leading the effort to ensure our firefighters have the resources needed to keep us safe: 

  • Additional firefighting helicopters for rapid fire response
  • Adding backcountry water sources for helicopters to refill and fight fires
  • Improving fire prevention and defensible space to protect our homes 
  • Pushing to make power lines safer to prevent fires
  • Improving evacuation plans and technology to help in emergencies

Endorsed by:

  • San Diego County CAL FIRE Firefighters 
  • Oceanside Firefighters Association
  • Valley Center Firefighters Association
  • Borrego Springs Firefighters Association

Preventing Wildfires

To help prevent wildfires, Supervisor Jim Desmond is pushing to make power lines safer, providing fire prevention resources and improving defensible space to protect our homes. 

Improving Evacuation Plans

Supervisor Jim Desmond is improving evacuation plans and traffic safety during power outages by implementing multi-day batteries on traffic signals in evacuation routes.

Helping Trapped Families In Emergencies

Jim Desmond initiated a “Knox Box” program for senior citizens that allows emergency personal to enter a home to assist in saving the structure and valuables.

Adding Firefighting Helicopters

To allow firefighting helicopters to quickly refill in the backcountry, Supervisor Jim Desmond approved additional helicopters and heli-hydrants to provide a water source in the back country for faster suppression of wildfires before they spread.