Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is the greatest threat to the quality of life for North County residents.  We must develop a comprehensive plan to improve transportation and infrastructure to reduce travel time in North County.  To be effective, we recognize most of us travel by car and look to near-term solutions to reduce highway congestion.  Reducing travel time on Highway 78 is a key priority of mine and essential to improving the livability and economic viability of North County.

Public Safety

Public safety is the highest priority of any elected representative.  Our first responders must have the resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe.  As the Mayor of San Marcos, I am proud of the 22% drop in crime in 2016.  Effective crime reduction requires a strong working relationship with law enforcement, coupled with compensation that ensures we retain experienced personnel.  As the politicians in Sacramento put additional responsibility on our local probation officers, they too must receive the strongest possible support from the Board of Supervisors.

Fiscal Responsibility

San Diego County has an admirable record of fiscal responsibility that, as a member of the Board of Supervisors, I intend to maintain.  As Mayor of San Marcos, I have overseen balanced budgets year after year.  We have a healthy reserve, a “rainy-day fund,” to make sure the city continues to provide critical services in the event of an emergency.  I pledge to bring that same tough financial management to the Board of Supervisors. Protecting taxpayer’s dollars is always a top priority.